I am SO looking forward to the next two weeks in the garden.

Soil has been worked and topped up (as mentioned in my last post), and its well and truly ready to go with my annual spring bulb plant out of anemones and ranunculus. After the new moon phase today, this autumn window is really the ideal window to get everything in for spring, plant out perrenials and winter veg. The shift from new to waxing moon brings the monthly change in the earth from inhaling (previous post), to exhaling. The earth is releasing moisture & nutrients providing us with ideal planting out windows.

Alchemilla happenings are as such. I farm my flowers on a land area that would be considered micro & have to be super concious of how I’m using space in the beds. How do i have room for financially viable cut flower crops while at the same time provide habitat for beneficials, create & encourage biodiversity, nuture the soil, hold water & avoid outbreak of disease? Well, so far, its micro enough that each bed & crop really acts as a companion to the other, so its been working well up until this point. However, moving forward I’m keen to push (holistically), the farm and will be starting to inter crop my cut flowers with edible flower and green manure crops in a high rotational system. It will provide more habitat, act as a living mulch, avoid water loss, create more biodiversity, feed the soil, provide me with materials to make natural fertilisers and teas & in the end, provide another source of income.

Space & micro farming can and ARE viable, as ever its simply finding the ways to work with the land on offer- holistically and conciously. Biodynamics, permaculture and regenerative farming give us all the principles, theories and practices to make it work - the more we work together with natures rhythm the easier & more beneficial it is for all involved. human, animal, land.