Oh, the sweet, sweet first new moon of the best season of the gardening year …

Autumn (biased, but true).

The last couple of weeks have been brimming with all the goodness that comes from an Autumn break in this Northern Rivers region. Rain has greened the hills, rivers and creeks are flowing & the cool nights and dewy, misty mornings make the dawn birdsong just that bit sweeter.

As always, the new moon signifies the start of the new lunar cycle & most of our primary planting windows and garden activity. The gravitational shift the new moon brings creates a change in water and sap movement in our soils and plants. Energy, water & nutrients are now being exhaled by the earth meaning our seeds, seedlings & plants can take these up more effectively & efficiently. This means the next two weeks of our waxing moon hold our primary and best planting windows for the month for our leaf, flower and seed crops.

With the soil cooling down slowly & the softer warmth of autumnal sun, these Autumn planting windows are the ideal time to start planting out cool weather vegetable, herb and perennial crops.

On the farm since our last full moon and the shift to the waning moon that comes after (a time for soil work, rest & rejuvenation), I swear I’ve never enjoyed ripping out the last of my weakened summer crops and nurturing the soil as much as I have over the last two weeks . The farm has had it’s seasonal dosage of compost, manure, BD500, light aeration, fresh mulch and a whole new lease on life.

Seedlings that were sown three weeks ago (just before the last full moon), are getting ready to be planted out into their juicy new beds, which I’ll do in the primary LEAF & FLOWER windows of this month. (More to come on this soon).

Flowerwise, I let a lot of things go to seed sometime ago which means along with my new cool weather crops that are soon to be planted out, I’ll also have an Autumn flush of what should usually be summer annuals.

Autumn, I love you.