Last nights full moon (super moon) in Virgo seems as good a time as any to say sayonara to this Summer for Alchemilla.

Under the full moon in the garden we shift from the growth phase of the waxing moon to the slower phases of the waning. Under this particular shift from full moon to waning on the farm, it’s time to take stock & put to bed what has been a tough and dry season of poor germination, lack lustre budding & overall slow growth. Just to keep it real all up in here…

Production in this summer of no rain has dropped down to 1/3rd of what was anticipated & the third that was left was slow at best. It sounds grim, but it’s been a salutary lesson in the vicissitudes of farming and thinking of new ways to manage when things go awry. For me, the main prerogative has been to let go of production & focus on nuturting the soil through this time, rather than trying to get it to produce a sub par product that uses up crucial minerals & resources. As such, this full moon signifies the last waning phase of summer & the beginning of major soil rejuvenation on the farm.

The waning phase after full moon (especially the third week as we are entering into now), is the time for soil work as the earth is in absorption mode. Nutrients are efficiently drawn down into the soil profile ready to be released at the beginning of the next lunar cycle.

I’ll be adding aged compost, manure and BD500 to my depleted beds in preparation for Autumn planting.